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    haha....can u spell TENDONITIS??

    ...dude, never ever do that again...ull screw ur fingers up, and then u wont be able to play. Its like going to the gym...if u over exercise, ull pay the price.
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    I have done it several times with my previous jam band. We'd take smoke breaks and lunch breaks and spend easily about 12 hours in the jam room regularly. Other than that I used to practice for about 12 hours during weekend but now I am too lazy to even think about doing like that. When everything was going in excess, I couldn't even sleep. All my thoughts are guitars, guitars, keys, notes, fretboards in dreams. I was even wondering my sneeze was Major or Minor. Then I decided to give it a break and not to do it like that. End of it, it was all fun and pretty rewarding too.
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    ^^ yup..i guess its just that phase when u play guitar that much..but its rewarding in the end.
    but yea..uve got to protect urself..warm up well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by acousticdreamer
    I had once rehearsed and practised for a recording 'session' for around 12 hours!
    We had takes and retakes and some more retakes...hell!!!
    Fingers had swollen the next day!
    same here...i couldnt play a single note today on my pained like nethin.....good i don write lefty..else my exams had a shot in the arm...heheeh.....
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    ive jammed for 4.30 hrs maximum...
    10 ..????
    woh bhi exam time...
    ill flunk....
    ...................................जय हिन्द........................................ ....

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    ..rockin dude... dats must be sum jamming Mr.Manjrekar... jus gr8... jammd for 6hrs (dats my MAX ..!!) last weekend wid a coupla brks (sutta brks) in btw ....
    If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.....


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