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    lord_neo Guest

    Cool 'Doom' the Movie Starring Dwayne Johnson "The Rock"

    'Doom' the Movie Starring Dwayne Johnson "The Rock"

    Something has gone wrong at a remote scientific research station on Mars. All research has ceased. Communication has failed. And the messages that do get through are less than comforting. It's a level 5 quarantine, and the only souls allowed in or out are the Rapid Response Tactical Squad - hardened Marines armed to the teeth with enough firepower to neutralize any enemy...or so they think. The research being done at Olduvai station has unwittingly opened a door, and all hell has broken loose. A legion of nightmarish creatures of unknown origin lurks behind every wall and stalks the countless rooms and tunnels of the facility, killing what few people remain. Sealing off the portal to Earth, Sarge, Reaper and their team must use every weapon at their disposal - and some they find along the way - to carry out their orders: nothing gets out alive.

    Doom Movie Release Date: October 21st, 2005 (wide)

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    the_batman's Avatar
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    Jul 2005
    VA, USA
    i saw the trailer last week. Looks pretty sweet.

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    Dec 2004
    ummm ....ummm.....hope it's better than ghosts of Mars.....
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    #define __NONSENSE__

    #include <religiousviolence.h>
    #include <dirtypolitics.h>
    #include <popularculture.h>

    BOOL lesson_learnt = FALSE;

    void History()
    if(Checkstabiity(fanaticism) && CheckCorruption(BoomingEconomy) && CheckPublicDesire(SocialProblems))
    lesson_learnt = TRUE;

    History(); //repeat History


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    ld returned status 1..

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    Mar 2005
    im not expectin much frm da movie...da Halo 2 one is goin to be more interestin....its beig directed by Ridley Scott (of gladiator)...

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    Addy Pant's Avatar
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    Apr 2005
    New Delhi, India
    Glad to see games becoming movies.Even heard that there is gonna be a Max Payne movie.
    I got a bad bad feeling
    That my baby don't live here no more
    She ain't comin' about is she
    That's alright i still got my guitar

    - Jimi Hendrix (from Red House)

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    May 2005
    Hangar 18 ... on parole ...
    ^ that would be kewl ... infact when i was watching Sin City ... i almost felt as if i am playing Max Payne ...

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    Apr 2005
    woooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww.......cooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool.... waiting for thsi movie..............superb.....tahnx for the info neo!



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