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    Arrow Dont pay INCOME TAX

    hey every one this morning i was listening to this conversation on FM. Now the guy says

    if you dont get water or better roads dont pay the TAX. We are ready to go to the courts and pay our TAX to the courts. If the govt. is not doing anything we wont pay them.....we wont put down our heads and say yes to everything just becuz they are govt. guys....

    that actually caught my attention......and i felt that he was right .............

    do you think what he said was right...........or it was a LEFTIST thinking
    i cant wait to have an image signature..........

    "if you see that two parallel lines are means you have reached infinity" - dlogic

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    Hangar 18 ... on parole ...
    hey thats prettty much waht i feel too ...

    indian tax payer have acted enuff like arse holes ... seriously ... thats waht come to my mind ...
    ARSEHOLES ... i dont like to mince my words but our elder generation(s) have disappointed me ...

    if u see any developed country ... there if anyone on government payroll does anything which is wasteful etc ... he is immediately pulled down ... by the ppl ...
    know y coz they (those on govt - that includes the whole legislation, judiciary, executive ...) ... survive on taxpayer's money ...

    in india the concept of tax is more like hafta ... bhai ko hafta dene ka ... aur phir bhool jaane ka ...

    i dunno wen india public will wake up ... this is the second time i am paying IT to India ... and already i am feeling fed up with govt ... and its misdeed ... or rather lack of any deeds ...

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    I agree with that guy. I don't want to pay tax.. but my company automatically deducts.. I can't speak anything against that. It is only the salaried ones who get affected... people earning in crores/millions just escape from that.
    Just imagine man.. the slab from 2.5 lakhs - 4 lakhs. You have to pay 30% as income tax.

    Ok leave it.. we paid income tax. Next if we purchase anything -say tooth paste, soap, dress, mobile and whatever. Tax is added to every item we purchase (grey markets exceptional). It is not just fair on the government's part.

    And you know, doctors and lawyers don't have to pay tax.

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    May 2005
    Hangar 18 ... on parole ...
    and hey that is not leftists thinking ...

    on the contrary ... it is CAPITALIST ...

    i feel that if we give the IT to a corporate ... it will spend it far more efficicently ... and give us a better service ...



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