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View Poll Results: Do you want TabBuilder

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    Do you want TabBuilder ?

    After getting tired of writting tabs monotonously using NotePad and drawing lines and changing between guitar and keyboard, an Idea came to my mind. Why cant there be a quick and easy tab writting software?

    And it didn't took much before I roll my sleves and start coding the one. Its going to be an online tool and I call is "TabBuilder". Purely written in JavaScript and damn easy to use.

    Work is in progress but I want to share its screenshot with you fellows. I am looking for feedback and features that you guys and girls think will be highly beneficial. Just move your mouse over the fret and magic will work. No more pain.

    Please see the attachment.

    If accepted by IGT I will work with Admin(s) to get it integrated in IGT site

    No *Idea Stealing* please (especially by geek gods). All rights reserved!
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    yes .....................

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    VERY interesting. We'll have our resident tech-admin(Zoom) check it out and see how we can best integrate it into the website.
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    meh, not very interesting. It's just not worth spending that much time making something you can already do with guitar pro....that too on something that is conventionally frowned upon.

    If you added a few more tools to this, it could become very useful for n00bs. How about adding a "transpose" feature that could help people play in different keys without really knowing how to transpose? Also add a chord dictionary like guitar pro has which can tell you the name of the chord according to the notes you've selected or the notes according to the name of your chord.
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    I agree
    theres also a tool called tab player to do this
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