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    Thumbs up PLZ Stop! Biggest Stupid is Our father

    PLZ Stop! Biggest Stupid is Our father
    hello freinds
    can u make a disbeliever in god to believe in his exsistence without a conincidence that happends to him , in such a way that he believes its out of his Manliness/knowlwdge. I think neither of the groups can convince each other . well thats good. i wished god has written a book by himself and told peoples this is what i call religion and every year it will be updated with a new paperback or hardcover print as well as a 3D hologram that is strictly manufactered in heaven. This is the problem with this mother****** god , the stupid always tried to make so knowledgeable peoples like us feel that that he is inside our heart,that ******* told us that along with him the devils dwells in the mind not in the heart. and if someone one is conqured by devil( cant see/FEEL the presence of god heart) then go ahead and u try to help the one in need as i am within all of u except in books or places. the but the mother ****** god is really stupid becuase we know their is always something bigger than faith its our knowledge and ALLEGATIONS. Have anyone seen a ever a bigger stupid than our father. well i am a smaller one.

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    well i feel this is a never ending discussion and better to close then to flame it up with all kind of assumptions and thoughts without any evidences !!!!
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