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    Dhanaulti Rock Festival 2005

    Hey Ppll,
    There is this Dhanaulti Rock festival In Dhanaulti (a small but beautiful mountain town 28km from Mussouri, in Uttaranchal) from nov 4-6, many gr8 bands of India will be playing over there like
    level 9
    grungy morphins - Dark/Black metal from Darjeeling, India.
    Survanaasham - Blackmetal from Dehra Dun, India
    still waters (Gangtok)
    Aliens (Andra Pradesh)
    Silver Rain (Mussoorie)
    Murad Ali ( Sufi poetic recital)

    for more info log onto : or contact Andy on 01376226262, 9897701540, or Ajay, on 09219846564 or

    Lets support ROCK and Try to be there in large numbers

    Requesting the administrators to make this tab sticky so more and more ppl can know bout it Thanxs.....

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    Nice to know that man...all the best with the event

    i hope i cud be there...:(

    anyway ur email add is goin to get snipped...i hope if anyone needs info they will contact u by PMs
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    Not accepting any gifts.
    Thank you.



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