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    ^^yup i agee.....but who cares when you are totally addicted to the book...i tried finding about the content on the net.....but most of the sites didnt give facts....

    people who are very phyilosophical (wrong spelling) only tend to look at an object from all angles.....ppl now a days dont have enough time!!!!!!!!!
    {{{{{MEIN HOON jo MEIN HOON}}}}}

    We Are Born Naked, Hungry And Wet......Then it Gets WORSE
    THe GhusTak was here!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Actually, this book cannot be called a classic or anything. But its a fantastic read. Primarily because of Dan Brown's research. He has got his hard facts right and then further went about to build a fictitious sequence of events. Hats off to him!! Same for Angels and Demons. And for his other, less famous 'digital fortress' and that one book i forgot the name of. One cannot be totally sure of whatever he wants us to believe. Due to the very fact that so many books have been written on this in the past, we cannot totally ignore it. There must be something......... it might just have been blown out of proportions. Even a small rumour can turn big once it reaches the last person in just very little time. This one is a matter of many centuries...
    While some have already proved Dan Brown wrong...
    There will be sceptics, and there will be sceptics... people have also gone about proving that Appolo 11 did not actually reach the moon, and that it was a big fabrication by NASA.
    Are they sadists who can't bear others success and theories? Are authers such as Dan Brown just capatilising on the emotions, fears and psychology of the masses for commercial success...
    Who knows... Dan Brown himself may be a member of the Priority of Sion... even one of the grandmasters spreading the word...
    And yes... Let the louvre be... it's an astonoshing structure!!
    Well, enkoy the book.. and don't think too much about it. It's just fiction....

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    hmmm.....all book worms are gathering here!


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