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    Wink A cover (Fall for you)


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    It seems you guys were doing something what you thought is right. It seems the chords aren't the right one and the guitar strumming isn't good either.
    The vocals are really bad, totally out of Sur and lack of any kind of feeling in your voice, though the keyboard player sung the first 2 lines really good, but it went wrong really fast after that. The beginning of the song you guys should have played on the keyboards, there is a piano played, the keyboardplayer should have tried it.
    So in my opinion you guys have to practise alot to improve yourself! Please don't understand me wrong, i'm not trying to offend your guys, but there are some things what you guys really have to improve!
    Take care guys!!!

    Btw, in the future post your songs in this section:

    Sur Maata Hoti Hai
    Aur Taal Pita
    Jo Be Taala Hai
    Wo Anaat Hai


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    Wrong forum called but I hung up.



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