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    Christmas Carols!

    Hey Guys,
    Christmas festivities r in full swing...atleast the shopping part of my part of the world...! and i was wondering wht would be some good christmas songs or carols to play on guitar? i dont know any....except for the good ol' Jingle Bells!..........tht too not on guitar!

    Festive mood is a big inspiration to play something new!!
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    hmm..u can try Jingle Balle Jingle Balle....bhangra on christmas day..

    talk about fusion
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    Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_wizard
    hmm..u can try Jingle Balle Jingle Balle....bhangra on christmas day..

    talk about fusion

    yes jingle balle is very popular in the land of the turban.

    for obe great rendition of Silent Night, take a listen to Stevie Nicks' (of fleetwood mac) version of it.
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    have a listen to choir boys song .. they sing in welsh but still they kick ass on every christmas



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