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    Dec 2005
    sheikh zayed road ...
    Quote Originally Posted by notty_lad
    Who want's chicken now .. That thing looks really fleshy and tasty *slurp* *drools*
    bet u bin fasting ?
    >--N!GGa Wa$ A W!NdOW ShOppEr -->
    ^^£, GeT RiCh Or D!E TrYiN ,$^^

    >~~>dun hunt wen u cnt kill >~~>

    >~~>StOp d EaRtH....i WaNnA Get DoWn>~~>

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    Pune (apart from people's hearts :P)
    ^Yeah .. but anyway it was a joke ..

    I Think it might be one of those vegetarianism promotion thing. Its funny how they promote vegetarianism (I've seen some really Dumb ways they've done it).

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    hmm ..i thought the thai's and japanese end up eating these ..
    add chinese too now! and also add indians for eating each others brains up!
    i love chinese noodles and all ..otherwise

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    ^ +1

    btw rats are tasty and nutritious
    You donít get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.

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    acorn guts
    looks pretty bad .. but i think i would know if i'm being served chicken or mice .. both cant be the same texture/taste ...
    or perhaps .. if you mince them and shove them in a sausage .. haha that would even give gordon ramsey run for his money .. hahaha

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    doest it really matter????


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