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    Aug 2004
    West Yorkshire
    It seems one and all here dont want to live very long... they say booze reduces life, So I think to reduce all those unproductive/unhealthy years the way to go is bob-bobby way...

    party real hard...

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    -Other side of the Horizon- you wouldnt wanna be there..
    Quote Originally Posted by d_ist_urb_ed
    84.2, NO WAY! I want do die long before that. Something like 65 or so.
    i'l die before u-- its says i'l liv upto 82.2 or evn 2

    Thus drifting afar to the dim-vaulted caves
    Where life and its ventures are laid,
    The dreamers who gaze while we battle the waves
    May see us in sunshine or shade;
    Yet true to our course, though the shadows grow dark,
    We'll trim our broad sail as before,
    And stand by the rudder that governs the bark,
    Nor ask how we look from the shore!

    Oliver Wendell Holmes



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    Quote Originally Posted by life expectancy
    Your calculated health span is 81.3 years.
    Bull sh!t. !!
    no way.. i won be livin tht long !!
    and i don wan2 ...
    i agree with asmo.. 40's enuf for me.
    nybdy who wants 2 live longr (read madhura ) pm me.. wil lend u ma xtra 41.3 yrs
    Opinions are like a$$holes. Evrybdy has one.


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    Dec 2004
    Yeah! Finally some1 who agrees... (snicker)
    If the Hair ain't Long, then something is Wrong

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    Mar 2005
    MeNtaL AsyLuM
    86.8 years

    Looks like I am gonna surpass most of u guys...he he..
    God I hate it...
    Yup its getting kinda repetative..but I really dont wanna live that long..
    60-65 is more than enough 4 me
    Nothing interferes with my concentration. You could put an orgy in my room and I wouldn't look up. Well, maybe once

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    Feb 2005
    96.6 for me!!!! Are you freaking kidding me?????

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    Oct 2004
    Near Philly, Undisclosed location
    ^96? See ya, wouldnt wanna be yaa!!!!!!
    "While the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth."

    robotpajamas: since Im going to be giving the CAT this year
    d_ist_urb_ed: To whom?
    robotpajamas: Taking
    robotpajamas: f*ck you
    d_ist_urb_ed: =))


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