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Thread: Change...?

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    Its all about equilibrium.

    Ppl are nonchalant towards politics and govt because they perceive it as not really bothering their "personal lives and commitments"
    At the cost of other commitments that you have? At the cost of your own survival (Job, family etc)?
    Once the tyranny of govt or politicians reach a threshold, only then is there a possibility of action from public.
    And of course you need seeds to initiate the such revolutionary action.

    India is a developing country - with one of the fastest growth of GDP.

    1) That mean the rich are definitely getting richer. They work hand-in-gloves with the politicians (and govts) to ensure that they prosper. So they will never reach the threshold, and neither will they act like a seed.
    2) Middle class. Is busy collection "cowries" brought in by the economic growth of India. They do not know what is the threshold. However with the current scenario - some aware / motivated ppl can surely act like a seed. But this seed will have maximum impact among Middle class only. But the middle class is really not bothered (check the quote above)
    3) The not so fortunate ones. These are ppl who will come close to the threshold, because the economic growth gives them the money but takes away the purchasing power. But where is the seed? If there is - such a seed is eliminated at a very early stage by the local goon (who has the backing of the politician). In case that doesn't work the politicians change the perception of this group by misleading (and thus changing the threshold criteria).
    You donít get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.

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    So why exactly is good governance / politics necessary?
    Because it has an impact on the whole lot of ppl.

    So that means a person working towards the goal of betterment of the governance - he has the foresight to realize that this work is not just for himself but for millions of ppl.

    What would be the percentage of such ppl?
    Even if he starts working towards such a goal, would other ppl with no foresight support him?
    No, they won't in general.

    Yes, they would, if they see themselves benefiting.
    Which again leads to the vicious circle of the supporters seeking favors.
    Which defeats the whole purpose of the initial goal.
    You donít get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.


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