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    Cbse Sixth Subject

    Hi Guys
    i am a commerce student. i wanted to know that can i take up maths as additional subject in class 12. what are its disadvantages and what is the procedure. i know this is not the right forum but i will be happy if you can help
    thnx in advance

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    pls reply guys

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    alpha1's pants
    It's not really about the right forum or not, but can't u find out from ur school/friends/seniors?

    Try n think of a life away from the internet.

    That being said, I can't help u.. I hope someone else does, assuming that ur relying completely on the members of IGT for this.

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    completely agrees with cryptu
    that done - goe on to talk with godofguitar guy
    welcome man - im in 12th commerce too....go ahed take friggen maths - i did too - just make this much sure - u better keep studyin wid the class -devote atleast 2 hours to maths....everyday!!!
    nahi toh phat jayegi yaar...
    the advantages
    the main one being -l8er on fer an mba - u need to do maths - so its better u do it now rather than sacrificing a year later on
    so go on - You Can Be Just Like MEEEE!!!

    You're wrong when you imprison people turning tricks
    And you're wrong about trickle down economics
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