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Thread: bring it on!!!

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    bring it on!!!

    if u were to hit a guy where wud u hit him first and why?
    May my every being, bring only happiness to you. May my tears bring fountains of joy in ur heart. I know u r staring at me but sorry i'm just a step away from death. Tears r rolling from my eyes but ahhh, i see the fountains of joy in ur heart, and i thank you for that!!!


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    ok i wld hit him at 3 possible places..
    1)if the fight is really bad--in the groin area..
    2)if the fight is bad--On the chest
    3)if the fight is timepass--on the face..
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    what wasted post ... there are only a limited places where you can punch anyone .. head, torso, groin (tho most will prefer the kick instead of bending all the way down and punchin it) .. now everyone will make permutations of these three possible places!! .. does this thread make any sense anymore? i dun think so ... yo already have the answers .

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    well...all one needs to do is to tickle 'em till he begs for mercy.......see??.....tickling loosens up ones muscles!

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    what a sensical thread..i suggest u start a poll...

    i think u know quite a bit now
    .. Rock got no reason
    Rock got no rhyme ..



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