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    lord_neo Guest

    Lightbulb Bill to re-introduce extinct species in the United States

    Cheetahs, lions, camels and elephants would roam wild in the United States under a new proposal to re-introduce large animals similar to those that humans hunted to extinction long ago.

    The U.S. Ecological History Park, as it is billed by scientists, would help preserve species that are under increasing pressure for survival in Africa. It would also re-create a more balanced predator-prey relationship in the Great Plains and Southwest, an ecological diversity that has been absent for more than 10,000 years thanks at least in part to hunting pressure.

    The idea, similar to one already under way in Siberia, is laid out in Thursday's issue of the journal Nature by a dozen ecologists and conservationists at 10 universities and institutions.

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    mr singh is offline Tabber
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    americans always mess nature up and then either dont do nething 2 elp rectify it, or come up with the most absurd solutions 2 recitfy problems which they themselves have mostly caused



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