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    The Bangalore School of Music (BSM)

    Can anyone give details about the guitar courses offered in Bangalore school of music.I would like to know about the following.I have searched for these in the official bsm site but couldn't find these details.
    1) Guitar Courses offered
    2) Course structure (What all will be taught in each course) and period of each course
    3) Fee structure
    4) Class timings( Are weekend classes available)
    5) Approx number of students in each guitar course(Will it be one to one with the instructor or will it be many students learning simultaneously)
    6) For which guitar course is BSM famous?
    7) Any other useful details

    It will be very kindful of you , if you can help me.

    Thanks and Regards,

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    I studied there many years i don't know what's changed. When I was there it was just Classical guitar...One hour class every week or 2 half an hour classes per week if you are a beginner...they start with Grade 1...reading music...scales..etc. You move on to more complicated stuff only when you are good enough for it.
    You get opportunities to play in concerts...they also bring in musicians every few months.
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    Eastern Fare Music Foundation
    School for Guitar Classes, Keyboard Classes, Piano Classes, and Western Vocal Classes.

    For fees and other details log on to

    or contact Eastern Fare: (080) 4157 0279 or 99865 73253
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