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    madhura is offline pani poori yum yum ....
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    Oct 2004

    Smile which band and songs one MUST KNOW

    hello friends ....
    i havent heard much english songs yet ..... except some classics and hits by brian adams, elton john, backstreet boys boyzone etc.....
    and i think my knowledge base about english songs is extreamly poor. i want to improve. i am listening to few songs now but would like to know your opinion on songs that one MUST KNOW. i love any kind of music.
    plz list all of your fav. songs ...and bands ....
    especially ones that everybody talk about and sing in karaoke ......
    i'd love to listen those and improve my database and then ..... u'll also enjoy remembering them

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    Aug 2004
    at my home
    you need to know the song ...

    "Yeah - Usher (ft. Lil John, and Ludacris)"
    Watch me play years ago

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    nebuchadnezzar's Avatar
    nebuchadnezzar is offline G34r G33k
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    Jul 2004
    Ok now....I am sure u must have heard all these songs but still wudnt hurt to check....
    1) Hotel California (Live)
    2) Stairway to heaven
    3) Sultans of Swing
    4) Nothing Else Matters
    5) Dream On
    6) Sweet child o' mine & November Rain
    7) Pink Floyd - Learning to fly....Comfortably numb...coming back to life

    Well.....there are TONS more...i am too lazy to type any more now:p
    And I have completely left out Metal, Hip-Hop and whatnot.....

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    esgallindeion's Avatar
    esgallindeion is offline Minstrel Knight
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    Aug 2003
    Well here's a list of a few bands you must know...

    1. Led Zeppelin
    2. Beatles
    3. Rolling Stones
    4. Pink Floyd
    5. Doors
    6. Eagles
    7. Dire Straits
    8. Metallica
    9. Iron Maiden
    10. Guns n Roses
    11. Dream Theater
    12. Aerosmith

    I'll post rest later...
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    Oh, we screamed for revenge
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    maverick8218's Avatar
    maverick8218 is offline Guitarist
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    Aug 2004
    try some nirvana songs too. the chords are pretty simple. other band is pearl jam, these are the two bands i have started with.
    " Give us the strength, oh lord, to let our children starve" - Roald Dahl.

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    Sep 2004
    actually it totally depends on the kind of genre u like...
    rock,blues,jazz,metal,funk,pop...and the list goes on..its all a matter of tastes..
    most of the guys out here listen to rock hence those band and song choices ....
    its imp to listen to quality music...
    so if u like r&b..pop kind of stuff then here are a few artists u wanna check out
    whitney hoeusten-all the older albums of hers
    mariah carey-hero
    elton john-all the older albums
    avril lavigne(she in my book counts as pop)-the newer album ..check out nobodys home..the acoustic live version..ull find that song for free in
    lionel richie-older stuff again
    ..and the other songs which nebu has recommended are pretty cool..check them out ...
    and no offence meant...plz dont listen to bands or singers who dont play or sing live..backstreet boys and most of the boy bands just lip sync durin a live performance..

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    tejas's Avatar
    tejas is offline ..........
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    Jun 2004
    Okay.Heres my list of bands u must know.

    Pink Floyd
    Led Zeppelin
    Guns n' roses
    Red Hot chilli peppers
    Rage against the machine

    Quite a few more. But that later.
    Overwhelmed as one would be, placed in my position
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    nebuchadnezzar's Avatar
    nebuchadnezzar is offline G34r G33k
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    Jul 2004
    yeah dimebag i agree...the great bands improvise SO much while playing live...
    I mean... jus listen to Sultans of Swing (alchemy live)..
    or Pulse concert for pink floyd...and of course Hotel California(live) name jus a few......

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    Gn'rlies is offline Beginner
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    Aug 2004
    dude .. the list can keep going on n on ..
    but here's my take on this one ..
    you dont know rock unless you know classics like these

    Led Zeppelin : If you dont know them ... dont even think you listen to ROCK ... n i
    'm sure everyone here will agree ...

    Beatles : A little bit of them never hurts

    Eagles : They're geniuses .. n there stuff is a must.

    Rolling Stones: C'mon there's no getting around them ....

    Aerosmith : Legends in their own right ....

    Pink Floyd : There's no song like comfortably numb ... just ain't there ...

    Black Sabbath: DO NOT ignore their stuff ... its cult classic stuff

    n finally ...
    AC/DC : if nothing else .... listen to black in black n tell me if you didn't fall in
    I consider the next two bands to come under the classic category .. simply for the effect they had on rock in such a short existence ...

    Guns N roses : i'm a total GNR freak .... can't leave em outta any list

    Nirvana : They changed the nature of rock with one album... just like GNR

    Once you get past these .... ( and i mean atleast get to know a few songs each dude) ... youre into rock ..
    now you can get into categories n stuff ... but a few bands stand out ...

    iron maiden
    U2 ( not the same kind but a stand outr band nevertheless)
    dire straits ( some may say theyre classic rock... could be)
    deep purple

    thats what id begin with .... though i started on bryan adams n bon jovi too .. n i still listen to them ...
    dude get this right ... listen to what you like n not whats cool or what youre suposed to like ... doint force yourself into rock .... you might not like it ... it'll simply come to you eventually ... i for one stuck to soft rock for years before getting in ... n i still appreciate BA n all as much ... music after all is for your pleasure .. not to impress others ....

    a confession ... i still am not into dire straits ... sultans of swing seems to grow on me ... but it still hasn't had that effect on me ... so go by what feels good to you ... n not what the charts n history says .....

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    madhura is offline pani poori yum yum ....
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    Oct 2004
    thanks guys so much .... i have already started doing my home-work ..... and the songs are amazing .... i wish i would have known them earlier .....
    keep posting

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    gautam_njoy's Avatar
    gautam_njoy is offline Guitarist
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    Dec 2003
    welll i like to listen to songs of metallica....... specially u oughta listen to nothin else matters and unforgiven(1 and 2) ,saint anger,memory ramains,One, Enter sandman,i disappear...
    Then Linkin parks's Numb,In the end,somewhere i belong....
    Then Limp bizkit's take a look around(mi2 track),boiler
    Hotel california is a must... Its my life(original and slow)
    Bryan adams all songs.. they r really good..
    November rain of guns n roses and desert rose...
    Even nirvana...
    Well theres a huge list dnno wat all to tell..
    For now try these out..Lolz
    Newaz njoy

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    DrSaurabh's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
    i guess every body has just mentioned all of em..but am posting my list anyhow
    Led Zep
    Lynnrd Skynnrd
    jon denver(ok not metal or rock..but good music)
    Jimi hendrix
    Bob dylan
    steve vai
    Joe satriani
    U2( there guitars arent too great....ever)
    Def Leppard
    Micheal learns to Rock
    Sting and police..
    Pink Floyyd
    Red hot chilli peppers
    Creed....noce melodies, simple melodies
    greatful dead
    wishbone ash
    eric clapton
    kenny g (amazin sax)
    the who

    phew...thats abt it for now..and try to catch all their live performancess...totally agree with nebuch....these people improvise like hell.....and its fun to watch....its a dleight to watch
    Bjr - The best jokes are the ones that backfire
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    pacificwaters's Avatar
    pacificwaters is offline - .+:| Oriel |:+. -
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    Aug 2004
    A nomad
    well to develop a taste for rock (and other english stuff)

    listen to simon and garfunkel and cliff richards. here u will be able to feel the real guitaring. i mean to say that these are the real classics.......the old ones. the beatles....

    then go on to deep purple

    followed by scorpions, EUROPE (these 2 are my favourites)listen to old songs of Europe. they are difficult to get in the market now though...... especially the songs Superstitious, Cherokee, etc

    and yes then there is Judas Priest, eric clapton, santana (u guys forgot his name in the list of musts to be heard. he is a god of guitar and u cant ignore him......chaps)

    i wont mention the other bands because everyone else mentioned them earlier, and i dont wanna repeat what everyone said.

    then go on to satriani and steve vai. they r too good......

    hey guuys ......

    just thinking of this list from here.........

    who do u think are the gods of guitaring???????????

    i would call santana, clapton and satriani/steve vai to be the Lord Brahma of guitaring....

    what do u folks have to say???????
    Keep on walking the road and I follow,
    Keep on calling my name I'll be there

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    Sep 2004
    hey pacific those guys are the ones who are popular...there are so many underground guitar players who will kick claptons or santanas a*se...
    actually most of claptons newer stuff sucks...and santana i feel is only above average..tho he has some really melodic stuff..
    satriani and steve vai are virtuosos...they are cool but the guys who play for the song in a band can never be left out...

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    pacificwaters's Avatar
    pacificwaters is offline - .+:| Oriel |:+. -
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    Aug 2004
    A nomad
    well dimebag,

    u r right. i do agree with you. there are some guitarists who never get to see the light of the day even if they r better.

    what i meant by lord brahma of guitaring was that steve vai/joe satriani have a different kind of music, same with clapton and by saying lord brahma i meant that these guys are gods in their style of guitaring and if we want 1 god then it has to be a combination of these 3. so i said that these 3 combine to formn the lord brahma of guitaring.

    and yes as far as hindu mythology goes. there are many other gods other than lord brahma!!!!!!!!!!!

    so we can put these guitarists in that category

    what say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)
    Keep on walking the road and I follow,
    Keep on calling my name I'll be there



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