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    Back in Black.....yeah I'm back in BLACK!!!

    W'sup IGT.....for those who dint know I've been on a loooonnggg hiatus....but the CCLounge has drawn me back.....Well here's an update.

    Had a loong vacation.....a month in india and a month in kenya....was mostly in pune n nairobi during that time. I start my new job in two weeks and have to take care of moving to my new city.....Houston....actually its a little town outside HOuston called Liberty but its nicer to think of houston.....Liberty's pretty small!!! Anyways The guitar was on hiatus too.....for longer than I thought was possible....but I got into some other music GarageBand....its a software packaged with iLife on Mac OSX....I'll post a couple of my creations online....its pretty cool...u get a bunch of sample pieces and you can mix them together....but what I thought was cool was the drum pieces.....since I dont play drums I dint have anyway of giving my guitar recordings a beat....but now I can.
    Anyways will try to be on IGT more now that i'm back.....welcome newbies and shout out to my oldschool IGTians.....
    So, so you think you can tell......

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    yeaaa!! look who's back!!.........

    had enough fun...welcome to reality!
    There r some things God made for everything else there's an Engineer!! - By Me



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