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    jamhead is offline Unknown Legend
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    Feb 2005
    Over the Hills and Far Away

    Talking the art of posing for pictures !!!

    check these pics out - of indian bands - who have a thing or two to teach the world about how to pose for pics !!!
    "Take my hand, my child of love
    Come step inside my tears
    Swim the magic ocean,
    I've been crying all these years"

    "I liked the world where i used to live
    I never really wanted to live"

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    vstanv is offline Beginner
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    Jun 2007
    ridiculous - now I know what this word is

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    spydra is offline Newbie
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    Mar 2009
    Not funny and not interesting. The guy writing it (was it you?) is just throwing around unamusing observations. You could do that to any picture.

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    alpha1's Avatar
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    Dec 2005
    The page did evoke some chuckles from me.
    But man it went too far ... these guys don't warrant all this.
    You donít get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.

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    May 2009
    Rightly said spydra...
    the guy is jus beating around the bushes
    Of course u can make fun out of everything,, but sometimes in d process, u make mockery of ur own self
    jus lik this guy did

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    distorted's Avatar
    distorted is offline satan
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    Dec 2008
    in the writer's own style -
    whoeva wrote this must be a frustrated passive gay wid a poor sense of humour, n while writing this he must have clasped his anus to hold his shit back which dribbled thru the pen.

    omg....??? Ws that funny???
    Into these dreams of darkness that unite our souls
    Into these dreams of sadness forever we'll go
    Forsaking the illusion that turns the flesh from stone
    Forsaking the illusion that binds us to the bone
    i trade weed.... any buyers??

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    Jul 2006
    He certainly has a very diverse vocabulary.
    Everything's Eventual (tm)

    Scarborough Fair/Canticle (Cover)

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    detritus's Avatar
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    Jan 2009
    anyone notice that half the pictures didnt have people posing?
    doesnt afraid of nothing



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