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    Compositionally/improvisationally playing with the riff. Now if only I knew enough about composition, I could name an equivalent. I think the answer lies either in fugal treatment of the theme (based on the individual rules of the game), or in variations. Now what the 'goal' is and what is to be achieved by the players (preferably involving teamwork as well) - I dunno what that could be. Someone experienced in composition is needed, as I said.
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    Lets admit is Guitar football sounds more snazzy than guitar ping pong.

    That is the reason the label stuck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alpha1 View Post
    I used to ... until the world craze for Texas hold'em took over.

    And anything that everyone is doing just because it is popular in the States - well there goes my enthu for it ...
    hipster post is hipster.

    i used to play hold 'em a few years ago (i think the craze really took over thanks to casino royale) and got pretty good at it at one point. haven'T played in a LONG time though.

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    I play very regularly. Cash games, sit and go's, freeze-out tourneys, whatever. There's no-one in hyderabad to play with me though and it's a damned shame. Going all the way to Goa is just too tedious.
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