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View Poll Results: is Anu Malik a worthy Music Director and worthy Indian Idol judge ?

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    Is Anu Malik a worthy music director and a worth Indian Idol Judge ?

    hi Guys,

    Is Anu Malik a worthy music director and a worth Indian Idol Judge ?

    You know how Anu malik extracts and copy paste music from old rock classics..(mostly)

    He is being presentated as a judge in Indian Idol..

    How do u justify this..plz put ur opinions ..

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    kaiser is offline Bored
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    whats rong with anu malik. why do u think he aint a worthy music director.

    just cuz he dont make progressive death metal? his pop was a music guru. n so is he.

    he just panders to public taste (which is hard i tell u) cuz he needs to stay in the business.

    can u come up tunes like his, even if they appeal to the truckdriver crowd?

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    you dont like him it does not make his worth less......good to be have freedom of expression...but commenting on calibre and music sense good when you are of same class and genre.........

    you compose the original tunes of lyrics and let people judge you.........better...............

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