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Thread: antakshri

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    Smile antakshri

    hey lets play antakshri here .....
    1.write whole mukhada atleast ( good if you write stanza) .....
    2. do not repeat ( atleast not on the same page) ......

    i'll start:

    ruth na jaana tumse kahu to
    mai en aankhomein jo rahu to
    tum ye jano ya na jano
    tum ye mano ya na mano
    mere jaisa deewana tum
    paaoge nahi......
    Daffy-down-dilly came up in the cold,
    Through the brown mould,
    Although the March breeze blew keen on her face, Although the white snow lay in many a place.

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    Feb 2005

    aankon mein

    nahi hoh najaane tumse
    aankon mein band kar laun
    saasoh mein samaa jao
    aankon mein band kar laun...




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