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    lord_neo Guest

    Talking After Google Earth its Google Moon!

    Recently google came out with google earth where you could see satellite images of earth now they have come out with the same kind of feature for the moon! here have a look

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    lagos, nigeria, west africa
    yeah , nice one - we had discussed about it at computer forum - anant mentioned about it there

    Wow Earth Google !!!!!!!
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    yeah ... n they have also pulled up a prank ...

    in the max zoom close up they have put the picture of cheese ...

    haaahaaaaaa ...
    coz some ppl in the olden days usedta belive that moon is made up of cheese ...

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    Apr 2005
    ^^^ hahaha!thats all in cartoons that moon is made of cheese!its seems that google has run outta ideas for customer service!



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