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    candas is offline Newbie
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    May 2008

    Advice for electric guitar

    i need to buy an electric guitar in 2 days from now and i need your help in deciding which one to buy.
    my budget is around 20-22k and my choice of music is mostly thrash metal and heavy metal like metallica, megadeth, and sometimes children of bodom.

    i'd like my guitar to be ibanez and i have my eye on the grg 170dx..i wanna know how good it is.

    most importantly, i want to know about amplifiers. i wont be buying a processor so i want to know a bout a good amp..marshall, ibanez or what?
    plz reply soon..

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    soreng is offline Newbie
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    May 2008
    Bhubaneswar, ORISSA
    170dx is good.....but with that budget u can go 4 better ibanez model......considering ur taste of music, Ibanez is good....if u can afford, RG 350 EX or DX will be good. it will come around suggest u better save up more 3000 for that....otherwise go 4 RG321 MH ( Rs25000).....or GRG 270 (Rs 15000).....



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