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    Dec 2005
    Ok...Here is one from me

    1. If I put a Kg of Gold on a side of weight and one of cotton on another, which side will go down??

    Neither....they both r of same weight.

    2. There r 3 building in a row same height same width etc...If all three of them gets on fire....which one's fire should be quenced by the ambulance???

    Ambulance can't do that job... it has to be a fire brigade's truck.

    If I m building a house of 100 bricks and it is completed in just 99 bricks then wht will I do with the remaining one brick....

    Simple.....I will throw it simple.

    Ok the last one....If a blind man is walkin by the road and if suddenly he fells down then what exactly should be the reason for that......................

    He gets hit by the thrown brick in previous question.

    When you have to shoot...shoot, don't talk!

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    Sep 2004
    Good ones .. ' Atlast i thought over something after a long time '

    Life RocKsss !!

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    Aug 2005
    last 1 was good

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    Mar 2005
    last one was good .....
    Adab aarz hain....



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