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    for me faridkot is quite mainstream music... so i dint want them to win... RP winning is rly a gud news... hope it gives the stereotyped indian audiance a dose of metal... thou i rly liked circus n workshop. thou workshop dint perform rly well in the show, all d more they were projected worse on the tv just to get the humour factor... but sahil makhija is THE man...
    overall not tooo disappointed by the launchpad just cause RP won... odrwise they ripoff the bands fr the trp...
    Into these dreams of darkness that unite our souls
    Into these dreams of sadness forever we'll go
    Forsaking the illusion that turns the flesh from stone
    Forsaking the illusion that binds us to the bone
    i trade weed.... any buyers??

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    rohini, new delhi
    can somebody plss give me da lyrics of da song laila??
    da part i heard was awsome ..
    i thought tht instead of da pop kind of beat they couldve used a more conventional beat with some distorted bass n rythm.. but thts just me..


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