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    how to

    Quote Originally Posted by amit82cse
    I thought you are going to try this let everyone know...

    Never mind...You have already requested too many times so I am doing this excercise for you..

    Song Aadat: Play it like I do

    Zuda hoke bhi, tu mujh mein kahin baaki hai

    Palko mein ban ke aansu, tu chaali aati hai

    Whats the Missing fret - 3
    Missing fret corresponds to which scale (as per my theory) - E major
    What are the chords in well known Aadat song - A B C#m
    Do they compliant with this tip - Yes (Chords in E major scale are E, F#m, G#m, A, B, C#m)

    Any doubt guys...
    hi,can u pls tell me how to choose the chords for a song from the chords in a scale?and wt is the related sounds amongs(as frequency or pitch like dat)among the chords of a scale?

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    haha...didnt do so much research on this.... yeah Aadat is on C#m - lemme see my guitar and get back on the missing link....
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    The missing frets technique - question about the first post in this forum


    I'm a newbie to guitar playing and trying to learn from experienced people like you how to figure out chords of a song. Taking a look at your first post, you recommend playing a song trying to find the missing fret. My (possibly dumb) question is how high on the scale do you play your song to write down that fret pattern such as in your example. Do you just play high enough to avoid the open strings in your song (so that everything falls on a fret) or is there a logic to how high you try to play your song?

    Secondly, in your sample song from Kisna, you show that the missing fret is 9. You used 7,8,10,11. So I guess by "missing fret" you mean a fret that is missing "in between" the frets that are used, correct?

    Thanks in advance, for answering...


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