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    hey dmf ...clear ur inbox dude....
    hail..hail...hail and killll

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    Quote Originally Posted by drunken_wisdom
    hey dmf ...clear ur inbox dude....

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    Well, learning theory depends on your interest. If you have just started learning guitar then you might not have that interest in theory, what you want is to play this dam instrument asap. THeory requires deep undestanding of notes and chords. But once you have mastered these you would like to know all the magic that derived this wonderful instrument. You would be intereseted in how chords are formed, how to pick the notes in a given chord, what is the history of having 6 strings in the guitar, why the diameter of each string is different, what are the base frequency of each string, how does the chords of happy song differs from sad song.

    Its an ongoing excercise, the more you delve deeper, more you want to know. I feel this way. I delve even into the technical side to know whats the frequency difference between note A and B.

    So it depends on your interest. Having some knowledge of theory helps in understanding the chords/notes better that you are playing.

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    What so ever are the interests of diffrent ppl but the fact that "Theory helps" cannot be denied. I am a newbie and just started playin guitar (3 months), but my teacher has a very strong hold on theory and when he tells me the reason behind doing each and every thing in gutiar playing i kinda get things better.
    Knowing the ifs and buts about playing a certain thing in a certain way helps in developing an understanding abt what you just did. An as i mentioned i'm a newbie i find it hard to catch the note with my ears, and its theory that fills in this gap (ofcouse this has limitations ) when i try to play some riff on my own.
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