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    Quote Originally Posted by maaani
    i want to ask some thing about BEND and release:

    how can i play the following stuff...
    (1) 14r12

    (2)12b14 ( i know i should bend 12th note but after b why 14 is written .. )


    pLZ TRY TO EXPLAIN VERY CLEARLY .. i jope some one help me ...

    as far as i know:

    (1) 14r12: u bend da 12th note up nd pick when u think it should sound like da 14th note.nt b4 dat. dis takes quite a lot of practise bcoz u need 2 hav a very good idea as 2 howmuch bending it should take 2 gt da note at da 12th fret up2 da 1 at da 14th fret. remember 2 pick only after u think dat da sound will be dat of da 14th fret nd nt b4

    (2)12b14: da easiest of the lot. pick da string with da 12th fretted nd bend up (making sure dat da note continues 2 ring) so dat da note nw sounding is dat of da 14th fret

    (3) 14b16r14: ur guess now. fret at da 14th, pick nd bend up2 da note on da 16th (note continues 2 ring). thn b4 da sound dies down release the perpendicular pressure (da bending force) so dat da note nw sounding is dat of da 14th fret

    is dis CLEAR enuf?
    rep if u like it
    Everything that has a beginning must have an end...Only sometimes the end comes a bit too early...

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    Thankx. I really have some problem reading the tabs. This may help me a lot.

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    Dec 2008
    Thanks man. You post was very well put together. Very informative and very well explained. Really helped me a lot. Thanks again.

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    wow this is serious knowledge, was tryin to find it, thats a really cool think u have posted. keep it up

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    That blogspot is quite helpful. For more learning, here's some news to use. Check this intensive performance workshop for: Guitarists, bass players and drummers
    Faculty: Prasanna & David Gilmore (Wane Shorter, Joss Stone) for guitar, Mike Pope (Chick Corea, Al Di Meola) for bass and Rodney Holmes (Santana, Wayne Shorter) for drums
    From: Aug 17-22 at Marg Tapovan near Chennai
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    great work...

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    thnx buddy

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    Jun 2010
    thanks ... !

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    very nice info good for the beginners

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    Aug 2010
    thanxx a lot dude

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    I noticed you had posted this 5 years ago and I read it for the first time and I want to give a special THANK YOU to you.

    Knowledge is always fresh for the seeker.

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    awesome work dude..!!!helped me a lot..!!
    In LoVe WiD mY GuiTaR..!!!

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    I am newbie. i can't tell how much your post has helped me understand the tab. thanks a lottt. keep it up.

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    Thanks a lot for your post ...but i still haven't got this one clear ...

    how to play this type of tab where notes are given on top of each other like :

    this is a solo part of Eric Clapton's Layla the starting .. 5 and 3 are in same line which manner to play it isn't even a chord i knw ...i dont understand!! pls anyone who knws help ..plsssss

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    Nov 2010
    Hey guys I've posted a post on my blog on how to read guitar tabs. Plz check it out for simple and short step by step description on how to read guitar tabs.


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