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    Aug 2011

    i want to start leading..

    hi...i do play acoustics, as a beginner, nd i want to start soloing nd want to learn leading. can some1 please suggest me how should i start...and what stuff should i concentrate on. i'll go for a teacher later, but i want to start on my own. any help w'll b appreciated. thank u

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    You begin by learning to play the solos and leads that you wish to play.

    If you are asking generically - then it is about learning the scales everywhere over the fretboard, and learning the licks and melodic runs.
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    I would suggest do the following before getting on to playing solos
    -Different Scales and positions throughout the fretboard
    -Different chords which fall in a particular scale
    -Start learning different position of Pentatonic scales(extremely handy for soloing)
    -Different techniques such as hammer ons, pull offs, slides, vibratos, tapping, bends

    -Start with Jingles or any simple tune that you can hum..Pick up any damn English, Hindi, Malyalam, Gujrati song WHICH YOU CAN HUM and try to find out the notes on the fretboard.
    -Try to find out the scale you r playing in.
    -Once u get that simple solo on ur guitar try and color it with the techniques mentioned above.

    These are few basic tips which i can think of right now.

    Refer to the following sites for more lessons
    Free guitar lessons : Complete Beginners Method and loads of Blues, Jazz and rock : Learn how to play Guitar free here!
    ULTIMATE GUITAR TABS ARCHIVE | 300,000+ Guitar Tabs, Bass Tabs, Chords and Guitar Pro Tabs!

    Please go to a good guitar teacher atleast for the initial few months. You will learn quickly. And simply UNDERSTAND what you are playing. Dont just play
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    when u try to play leads and u are not able to
    then dont lose hope it happens to many beginners
    just keep practicing nd u will succeed
    many beginners try to play hard leads nd then r unsuccessful nd then give up on their playing
    that is very bad
    so dont lose hope nd believe in urself nd keep playin nd practicing
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    ut009 is offline Newbie
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    Aug 2011

    thnk u guys..but still hv one query..

    hey..thnk u guys...i have started learning pentatonic scales (major and minor), different positions, and over all fret board.
    i want to know what is "key" of a song and how can it be identified easily with respect to a particular song. coz pentatonics progressions works after only knowing the key of the song.



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