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    Smile Feelin a lil down

    Hey everybody.... just wanted 2 ask u ppl a very general question abt practice schedule.
    I am a ... well.... intermediate level player... hav been playin fr 5yrs nw. I am currently on a 2 weeks vacation n cudn't bring my guitar wid me for practicing. This a long tym after which I haven't practiced fr a 2 week period. I am feelin a lil dwn abt d results that might happen wen i get bak. I just wanna ask that is this a general feelin 2 all f u? I mean it's definately nt possible to take my guitar on every vacation. Also tell me any good exercises(Musical) to do in this period without the guitar.

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    air guitar

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    2 weeks vacation cannot deteriorate any of your learned skills.
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    listen to more music. This will help u create new melodies and ideas. Hum the themes that u might find interesting and record those. And when u are back from vacation try and play those on UR guitar.
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    yeah same shit happened to me when i had to deal with my exams! I couldn't resist playing it. But you know its a great time to expand your musical knowledge. Learn to lots of music when on can really help you when you make your own music or improvise. Listening is what you have to do know. I recommend blues. Check these people out for great instrumentals- roy buchanan, buckethead, jeff beck, etc. you will probably know them. Have fun! good luck!!



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