(How this came to be)
Well, so I learnt the basics (structure, a few chords, strumming) What do I go do next? I was faced with this problem, and my teacher, Sandy Sir, told me a few excercises to improve my overall playing, and so that I dont get the higher level stuff wrong in concept and playing. I have divided the stuff in a few 'levels'. I was supposed to PERFECT the excercises and songs in one level before moving on to the next level.
(General rules)
As always in learning ANY instrument, you should start slow, but the timing SHOULD NOT GO WRONG. Play as slow as comfy for you, but 1)each strum should be equally timed and 2) the time to change the chords should remain IN TIMING (cant stress it enough). Keep increasing speed as you gain confidence in yourself, but keep those two points in mind. Also, if you get stuck in the middle of playing, dont continue from there- start that excercise again, so as to maintain timing, again. If, by extreme chance, you dont know any of the chord(s) here, go check www.chordbook.com
(When do the next levels come?)
When I get sufficient response, and when I finish level 1!
Chords needed-G, D, Am, C
1. Play the chords G C G C G C D with strum pattern dddd per chord.
2. Strumming excercise- play all the chords of this level in the following pattern dduudu. For a start, try G C G.
3. Plucking excercise- PLUCK all the chords of this level like
for example- in case of G
Basically, its first the root note of chord then string e, B, and G (with the chord still held in, doh!) Note-When you to go from a higher positioned string to a lower positioned string, you strum down, and vice versa- I made this mistake and was thankfully corrected.
Songs- Knocking on heavens Door (all the chords from this level)
Leaving on a jet plane (booo-ring) (easy- repeat excercise 1!)
Have fun!