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    Quote Originally Posted by zafarkhan4u View Post

    I have a Spanish Guitar which i just bought a month ago, it was working fine... i started looking at this site, downloaded and printed few tabs for few good Hindi Tracks & started playing them, it was all working good... and i dont know what happened to it but the "G" & "e" String was not playing correctly. if i pluck the "e" string without fretting it makes a weird sound however if i frett on it then it works fine and the "G" String if i'm pressing on the 2nd or 3rd frett it also makes a weird noise, i'm the only one who plays the guitar and i dont know why its not working the way it should, i tried tuning it and i made it worse now the "G" & "e" do not produce the sound they are suppose to produce, i get sound only if i'm fretting on 5,6,7 and so on... however if i frett on 1-4 it does not make any difference, i'm scared that it will spoil the other string also, they have already started misbehaving a little.... what do i do????

    Please email your advise to

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Zafar Khan.
    3 things about that:

    1. Wrong thread. always start new thread if u got any question and not found answer in other posts.
    2. y the fk ppl give there email ids on forums. smone need to spam his mail maybe.
    3. finally about problem... its fret buzz.. happens smtimes coz of climate change as wood expands or contracts according to temperature and moisture. go to a guitar repair shop and they can generally fix it by adjusting the Truss Rod.
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    Some common problem face by every one like money, respect, values. These are commons. I am also facing these. There is no solution of these problems.


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