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    Jan 2005

    Chord substitutions 2 - dominant 7th substitutions

    After talking about major chord substitutions, let me talk a bit about dominant 7th substitutions.

    Initially, I'll talk about substituting dominant 9th and dominant 13th for the 7th (there's a ton of other subs like 7b5, aug 7, some other time for those).

    So for one measure of D7 as below

    / / / /


    D7 D9 D13
    / / / /

    or start with the D13 and other such combinations.

    I'll use the following movable chord fingering - C7 in the 1st position, movable to D7 in the 3rd etc.


    B--3 (index)
    G----5 (pinky)
    D---4 (middle)
    E----5 (ring)

    D9 (barre lower 3 strings with the ring finger)

    D---4 (index)
    E----5 (middle)

    D13 (barre B and G strings with the ring finger)

    E------7 (pinky)
    D---4 (index)
    E----5 (middle)

    As with movable chords, this can be moved up and down the fretboard. As mentioned in the previous thread on major subs, this alos serves as an intro to jazz guitar. But they can be used almost in any other style e.g. the dom 9th serves as a nice turnaround to the 12 bar blues i.e. in a 12 bar F blues, the 12th measure can be something like

    d--^ (down, up on 2nd beat)
    F Db9 C9--- (sustain for beats 3 and 4)
    / / / /

    Next minor chord substitutions and then another dominant 7th substitution using a different fingering for dom 7th.

    In the beginning, this is going to be some work (more frequent chord changes), but once worked out, u can really experiment.

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    hs07 is offline Newbie
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    Jan 2005
    ha ha ha, this one was right after all (se my stoooooooopid mistakes in the major chord substitutions - and I figured out why, I use


    in this thread and I used the opposite in my previous thread. I guess I find this more intuitive, I'll stick to this from now on.

    One point to note - this dominant 7th fingering (and the associated 9th and 13th) figures fifth of the chord in the bass, so its a D7 with A in the bass.

    My next post will be on dominant 7th fingering (and associated substitutions) with root in the bass. As always, the idea is to get a fingering down (mechanicall in the beginning) and make it movable - u can then have a ton of chords to experiment with. After this is accomplished, start taking the chord a note at a time, look at dennis' thread on intervals and "understand" the chord structure.

    As I pointed out earlier, these are the beginnings of jazz guitar - jazz guitarists substitute and improvise (often times on the fly) - listen to Joe Pass and Wes Montgomery and the likes of them if u get a chance (no offence meant to rock guitarists, but they did little more tha speed playing - which I readily admit I can't do and I also admit is very very cool - some day I hope to do it as well, jazz guitarists created "new" music - which I can't do very well either - me just very ordinary guitar player).

    Enuff bhashan baaji, Ciao.

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    good post. u learning jazz guitar??
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    hs07 is offline Newbie
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    Jan 2005
    @dennis, keyword is "trying" to learn jazz guitar !! LOL.

    yes, I am. If I can get the various chords and substitutions learnt, I hope it can give freedom to improvise (of course I'll have to become halfway decent to really do that properly !).

    And I also feel if one can learn jazz guitar, u can almost improve every form of playing. Its very hard sometimes, chord changes are frequent and sometimes tough, throw in inversions and I'll have to play Gmaj7 root in the bass, Gmaj7 3rd in the bass and end on a G6 with 5th in the bass - very cool sounding. Sometimes I wonder about the practicality of this all - hopefully I'll get to really use these well sometime.



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