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Thread: Chord Formation

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    luvmusic is offline Newbie
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    Nov 2004

    I need some advice, please help:

    1)I can play the melody of any song (as long as its not too fast) on my guitar. Tell me how can I find out the chords. I believe if I am able to play the melody I should be able to figure out the chords also. WHAT DO I NEED TO LEARN ?

    2)I wanna play fast licks. What should I do? Can you give me some excersize or the tips?


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    Jul 2004
    thnx jayant for the tutorial on chords will study them more n then try to play if i've prob i know i can rely on help from u guitarists thnx

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    Jul 2004
    by the way for the titanic song its asDm xx0231
    Csus4 x33010
    Bbadd2 x13311
    F 133211
    C x32010
    Am7 x02010
    A7/C# 042020
    A7 002020
    F#m 244222
    E 022100
    Dadd2 xx0230
    C#m7 x46454
    A x02220
    i can understand that the A is for chord A but whta r the others x02220 is it to not strike E let 5th n 1st open n strike on 2nd fret of 3rd 4th n5th strings??????

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    @ The guitarist Of m:- Thats the finger position ..
    The Lord Giveth, And The Lord Taketh Away!!!

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    Jan 2005
    excellent lesson jayant.
    thnx a lot
    i have some doubts abt the ninths and fifth etc. u explained how the sevenths are made. is it the same way for all other, i mean using the flats of seventh or ninth in this case......


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