This is a continuation of my first lesson of chg. strings.A lot of times tuning problems are a result of the slots not being the proper height.If one slot is too high, that string will go sharp when u fret it in the lower positions, especially when u play an open chord. If its too low that can cause other problems with the feel and playability of the neck.What you can do if u got 3+3 headstock like the gibson, is trim the back sides of the slots a little bit so that they can fan out, which smooths out that sharp sideways turn that the string has to make on its way to the tuning post. Another thing that can help minimize snagging at the nuts is to put a little WD 40 I also us a instrument oil(precission tools,oil)in your nut slots and the bottom side of your string trees I also put on my tremlo bridge where the strings come in contack with metal. What I do is listen for any creaking noises when i turn the tuning pegs or push down on my whammy bar.That helps me dertime if any of the strings may be snagging.
A good quality tuner helps,keep your nut slots clean, and make sure they're properly cut, especially if you switch to heavier or lighter strings.Another thing is to wash your hands and wipe your strings after playing.The sweat and oil from your hands can combine with dirt and dust to cake up under a string which can effect the way it vibrates. some people got different acidic effect that can leave nasty residue.
You can now check your intonation, first tune each string(open) with a good tuner.After u pick a string let the note ring 4 a couple sec. until the pitch settles then make any adjustment till your needle on the tuner is correct. once u get the open string perfectly tune with your tuner play the regular note on the 12th fret on that same string, if the fretted then reads sharp on the tuner you'll need to make the string a little longer .If it reads flat you'll need to make it shorter.
On most electric guitars you can adjust the length of the string by turning the screw at the bridge to move the individual saddles foward or backward.Acoustic is 4 the shop tech.I usually check my intonation at the 7th and 14th fret also and then average them figure out what pitch your guitar is tuned to use your phone, the dial tone as a reference pitch.Which is A440, which you can tune your 5th fret harmonic on your A string it actually gives you 2 notes A and F, a major third below.


Dial tone!!!!!.