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    Post Beginner Carnatic Sliding Lesson

    Hey guys, this is a lesson on carnatic sliding I did a while back, figured I'd post it up here if anyone wants to check it out. It just gives the bare, and I mean bare, basics about it and nothing else, two practice exercises, making up slides etc. Leave a reply if you felt like it helped at all.

    Guitar Lesson : 003 ~ Carnatic Like Sliding Technique Basics - YouTube

    Start out slow. Go listen to motherjane too, their maktub stuff, Baiju is awesome.
    Check my soundcloud please :)

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    AmOgHa007 is offline Newbie
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    It would be kind if you post it in the form of text. Lacking the MB's for watching that video!!

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    perfopt is offline Newbie
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    May 2016
    dogsasleaders - youtube says "This video is not available"



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