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    ebgdae is offline Newbie
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    Jan 2005
    This is an exact replica of the article in the site. If posting such articles, people should ensure they mention the source.

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    jayswami's Avatar
    jayswami is offline Blue J
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    Nov 2004
    search hindi forum fpr the song u will get it. tamil forum song Ondra Renda from movie kaakha kaakha is the same.

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    Rey1970 is offline Guitarist
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    Feb 2005
    yes I'll agree with jayant & swami, practice the right way when you start out it will sure make you a good guitarist...... you can hear the ugly sounds when you don't hold your chords correctly.....I've learned that from the beginning I sure most of you guys have....Play on.....

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    vini is offline Repeat Offender
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    Feb 2005
    Secret Garden

    this fmaj has been freakin me out..but it seems..d tips which u've given wud def. help me..nah..they sure will

    thx a ton bro!


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    chichu9 is offline Beginner
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    Feb 2005

    I play barre chords but only those where the 3 and 4 strings are played by the non-barring fingers.. The reason is that the barring finger cannot pin down the 3 and 4 strings no matter how much pressure I put.. I am suspecting that lowering the bridge would solve my problem.. I am planning to take my guitar(Martin D15E) to a luthier.. Any one knows the bridge height(in mm) I should ask him to set?

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    silent_dragon's Avatar
    silent_dragon is offline Immortal guitarist
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    Mar 2005
    Middle Earth
    go to the search forum option and type in the song u will find sumthing there for sure Rohin.
    May my every being, bring only happiness to you. May my tears bring fountains of joy in ur heart. I know u r staring at me but sorry i'm just a step away from death. Tears r rolling from my eyes but ahhh, i see the fountains of joy in ur heart, and i thank you for that!!!


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    Dec 2004
    New Delhi
    this can get a bit complicted otherwise so all iam going to say is

    good work and thanx
    there is only silence
    and in the silence, screams
    there is only darkness
    and in the darkness, dreams
    willpower was defeated
    Life swallowed while screaming
    Another dream shattered to pieces
    Alive but barely breathing....

    GAGAN K.

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    cooldude3194 is offline Newbie
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    Nov 2005
    im new to the site and have been learning guitar for 1 month this article has really helped thanx jayanth


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