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    Quote Originally Posted by Chikoo2010 View Post
    from b to g string....a lil bit more....but more than that fells like the strings gonna break(happened thrice....believe it or not twice on g string and once on e string


    and i use heavy gauge strings and they offer more tension.........
    Bending frets = when you bend the string which fret does it sound like.
    E.G.: When I bend the B string at 12th fret, I can bend it to sound like 15th or 16th fret - SO that means I can bend the string 3 or 4 frets.

    The reason why I asked you this question is because - the lighter gauge in electric guitar exist solely because of ease of bending.
    On an acoustic you rarely bend beyond 1 or 2 frets.

    To solve your problem - why don't you install a set of heavy gauge strings?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chikoo2010 View Post
    ok ....will practice more alt picking......and what about legatos....where do i learn them from......i feel its bit confusing....coz alternate picking is straight forward....just hit the string while you fret......simple....but not legatos......n string skipping letgato tapping.....makes me tired looking at it.....

    n i want heavy gauge .013 or .014 or greater.....
    If you are pretty confident with alternate picking, try learning the solo for "No More Tears" by Ozzy. Towards the end there is a repeating pentatonic lick that goes some thing like


    Let us know if you can get that up to speed. If its too difficult for you to play it at even half speed, then we cud try a different example.
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