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    May 2011

    zoom gn1 vs zoom g1xn

    I am using my brothers old guitar, so i need help to buy processor and stuff..
    my ques:
    1. diff between zoom gn1 and zoom g1xn?
    2. Should i get pedals rather than processors??
    3. my budget is abt 4-6k for suggest me something..

    All opinions and options invited..
    and please dont ask me to borrow my brother's gear, he lives in a diff city, i get to see him 2wice in a year!!

    p.s. i play rock, hard rock, alternative metal, prog rock, alt rock and grunge ..
    very occasionally i play metalcore..

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    deepsal is offline Tabber
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    Feb 2011
    Your current gear list please!
    and ya buying seperate pedals is always the better choice but it loses to mfx like tc electronics g major 2
    you can get a metal muff in that budget avoid boss pedals

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    May 2011
    epiphone les paul special II
    cube 30

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    rockingruler is offline Newbie
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    Sep 2010
    go for it
    zoom g1xn
    i have been using it for a long time ...............

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    Sep 2010
    GN1 is the model without Expression Pedal.....the G1XN comes with an Expression Pedal....Expression Pedal is very important while getting a Processor as it controls the entire unit's parameters....without it incase u want to reduce or increase any effect , u will have to stop playing inbetween a song and do it with your hand.....get the G1XN Or save up money and get a Zoom G2.1u / G2.1Nu which is a lot better....
    I am selling my G2.1Nu....Check it out.....

    Zoom G2.1Nu ( New Model ) MultiEffects Guitar Processor - Bangalore - Musical Instruments - guitars and prices in india

    The price is negotiable ..... I am selling it because I am upgrading to Pod HD

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    Aug 2010
    Moved to Pune
    any video regarding this comparision??
    Gears I Own :
    Guitars - Pluto HW41CET-101-SPN, Yamaha RGX 220 DZ, Dean Edge-10 APJ (Skull Crusher),
    Amps - Roland Microcube, Stranger Cube 40M
    Effects - Boss ME-20
    MIDI - Samson Carbon49, M-Audio Keystation Mini 32, KORG nanoPAD2
    Audio - Focusrite Scarlett 2i4, Samson C1, Behringer Xenyx 802 Mixer, Yamaha HS5 Studio Monitors

    Blues is Blooming,
    Rock is a Ray.
    Metal is Mighty,
    Pop is Gay...



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