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    Dec 2010

    Zoom G2.1NU for sale........

    Hey guyz i hav a brand new Zoom G2.1NU for sale..... It is just 2 monthz old n in mint condition with complete packaging n all..... I'v never used it for gigging...... Workz perfectly n dere are no flaws whatsoever..... Market price is around Rs 12000 n i am xpecting around Rs.8000........ U can go to and read about it n also read the reviews.......

    U can contact me at

    I am in delhi so can personally hand it over in Delhi n some parts of Noida........

    PS - M sellin it coz i need to get a tube amp...... I'll buy d processor later...

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    Jul 2012
    is it still up?

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    Takla Makaan
    wrong section...
    All I wanted was a gun.... And they handed me a guitar instead....


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    Mar 2011
    Gosh !! i wish i can buy it man .... i am trying to get some nice cheap gear assembled for my home, but with my budget i can either afford this or a good dimarzio pickup .... decision .. decision .....



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