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    Question Zoom 504II multi effect processor...

    HI... well i have a yamaha rgx 121-d electric guitar and i am using a Zoom 606 multieffect guitar processor with it.. now i am planning to buy a Zoom 504II Acoustic guitar processor...

    Well i want to know that they say that can an electric guitar be used with it... if any one tried that out.. please let me know.. on the other hand if that don't work how about buying a pickup and then putting that on my acoustic guitar....

    Well the bottom line is that.. if any one is using an zoom 504II processor please tell me that if its good or not.. like if used with a semi acoustic guitar or with an electric guitar... keep in mind that i can not go for some expensive processors so i am stuck with zoom as they are good for the price they offer...
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    THe ZOOM 606 can provide you with almost al the features that the 504II will provide.. Instead you can jsut buy one Compressor PEdal and a Stereo Chorus Pedal..

    As i pointed out.. The 504II is down on features compared to the 606./. So you can combine the 606 with the CS-1 Pedal and MXR Chorus Pedals and use it.. Will work out cheapoer than a processor and will combine loads and loads of effects..
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