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    crusaderindia is offline Newbie
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    Yamaha Pacifica 012 Or Ibanez GRG170DX


    I buying a beginner guitar and the choice is in between yamaha pacifica 012(10k) and Ibanez GRG170DX(11k). I've played both and they seem decent for a beginner guitar.I know sometimes theres a problem with the ibanez staying in tune bcoz of the tremolo. I thought i'll remove it if i buy the ibanez..anyway please help me out with the choice...

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    rickkkyrich Guest
    pac 112...

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    If you're going to remove it why buy the Ibanez? The Pacifica will suit you fine. Don't get carried away by names ending with a Z.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rickkkyrich View Post
    pac 112...
    *rubbing eyes*
    pac 012
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