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    @neo: I didnt say u snapped at me. I ws just saying in case u crack up, dont snap at me. Forgot to place the smiley in the end!
    Look Left >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Left, u idiot!

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    Jonny@ Yah Yah!

    Axeman@ Thats a cool guitar man!

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    Red face Where in Bangalore?

    Quote Originally Posted by ronnieanand
    HI Neo,
    My personal favourite is Takamine. In Bangalore the best Takamine is EG240 which is only about 11K but sounds very beautiful and lush. For your bigger budget, check out
    Takamine EG531SSC which is really amazing. If you can get the guitar from abroad, there are some extremely good guitars like Martin. Look at Martin DCX1E, Martin DXME. Seagull S-Series guitars are also very beautiful sounding and comes from the same manufacturer of Godin Guitars. Another option is Zager EZ Play Guitars. These guitars are modified Sigma Guitars or his own guitar made at the Sigma Factory. Sigma Guitars are from Martin. Zager modifies his guitar and makes his $500 guitar sound like a $1500 guitar. Plus he persoally sets it up with electric kinda low action without any fret buzz and better string spacing making it very easy to handle. He gives you total guarantee on his work too. If you can get hold of it, then go for Zager ZAD-80CE. For $745, it comes with Grover Tuners, Fishman Piezo and orignal Alabone. All these features are availbale only in $2000 guitars of any brands. This guitar is a steal.

    Another problem with a lot of imported Acoustic Guitars are they are not very happy with the Indian humid and hot whether conditions and if you are from Mumbai, Calcutta or Chennai, then these guitars kinda hate you. But you can buy the humidifiers and then take proper care to keep the instrument happy. If you are a person who's not gonna take care of your guitar, then look no further than a Yamaha. The APX series are their thin line series and you can also look at their FX Series.

    One more option is to buy a Parker or Brian Moore which comes with inbuilt piezo and has rich acoustic tones but you need to plug them to play them. Electric Guitars are more stable to whether conditions than acoustic guitars.

    Anyway let me know you requirements and also sourcing restrictions and I will give you better suggestions.

    Hey Ronnie,

    Where can I lay my hands on these guitars in Bangalore? Reynolds?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sprasan
    Hey Ronnie,

    Where can I lay my hands on these guitars in Bangalore? Reynolds?

    Almost nowhere in Bangalore. But try Reynolds, Arunal Musicals and Rhythm Musicals. If you are lucky, you might see a Takamine EG240 and nothing more..
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