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    Dont, I repeat DONT get an semi electric...Gives UUBER feedback, I cant put even ONE BIT of gain in mine, and volume doesnt go up halfway up (I use Digitech RP300A and Marshall MG10CD, guitar is Givson G150 fitted with a pickup)
    Semis just dont cut it, but you'll get a pretty nice solidbody electric in 20k.
    Edit - You got one already? ...Good luck with it.
    Classical and jazz lover. Fingerstyle, touchstyle, and ERG enthusiast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mymusicmyguitar View Post
    I dont know why i am bent upon buyin an Electric/Acoustic guitar. M ready to shell out 20K for it. I already have a Granada Acoustic Guitar. But i still want to buy an Acoustic\Electric Guitar. Plz lemme know which one is the best in Acoustic\Electric. Wud it be a wise decision to Buy an Acoustic\Electric rather than simply buying Electric one???????? PLzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz lemme know.......
    hey i guess you should go in for a complete electric so that you can learn a lot more while usingan acoustic/electric you would get a very similar feel of an acoustic. being in this buisness for a very long tym i believe it is best you go for an electric we are a custon guitar brand and produce large amt of guitars for many custom guita players. i could create a guitar for you as you would require with sum acoustic featurs and qualities of acoustics in electrics i am also in mumbai so if u require any more knowledge or in depth info about waht is best for you you can contact me and ill guide you on how to go about it


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