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    ahan .. i was looking for bright / Fat both type of sounds .. can u categorise it ...
    and for Acoustic / Semi - Acoustic @ bright sound .. what wood to look for ?

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    If you get a Semi Acoustic guitar with active pickups or even passive ones you can make your guitar sounds better due to settings which you can make on amps or guitars (if it has knobs). Settings like tone, increase/decrease in bass, contour or treble get more options you see...

    you can get fat/crunchy sound if you got a thin guitars like hobner 265 if you want a bright sound with more bass you have the jumbos.

    Dont only go for bright/fat sound, check out its other features like fretboard, action etc...

    i dunno which wood would be good for acoustic but pinewood is defenitely a no-no.
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    maple, cedar (narrow grain) and spruce should give u bright tone

    stay away from .. rose wood, mahagony and ebony

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    This it think will help anyone who wants to know bout guitar wood
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    @sam - u missed out bollywood!......u can play real gud chance outta bolly wood these days....rock on bolly wood is growing guyz!......ok this was da last.....not more fun!

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    i think hollywood is the richest;-)


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