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    i chckd out these washburns

    N1 signature series - 2H,whammy bar, all wood color, volume knob, NO tune knob. cost ~ 12500
    WI14 - 2H, NO whammy, tone and vol knob cost ~ 13500 (sounded the bst to me)
    X11 - 1H+2C, whammy bar, 5 tone switch,maplewood neck, 10500

    (all playd on mg15cd)

    i liked WI14's sound the most but it doesnt have a whammy bar :(.
    other thing i noticed in washburns is tht their neck is pretty thick and wide wrt others. now i'v been playing on givson crown and it has a narrow and thin neck and my hand is adjustd to play on tht.
    i also tried ibz gio (12k) which has thin and narrow neck, but wshburns clearly had a better sound and better distortion.
    guys pls tell me hw doest this neck width and thickness matter ? i knw its a personal opinion, but still inputs are welcome. hw abt things like speed of playing and all holding the neck in thick and wide case...and is this jumbo fret ?
    mg15cd ws qouted as 4500 and i liked it.
    zoom2.1u = 3500 (bt i dnt think i'm buying any processor for now)


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    Sorry...for replying late....but far as ur budget is concerned...i got some stuffs in maa mind just check it out and see whether it works for u or not.If i were in ur shoes i would definetly go for Ibanez grg 270dx which comes for 16k here in mumbai....but i think u'll get it for 15k far as the amp is concerned....go for Marshall MG15CD Amplifier which will cost u around Rs.4,800 to Rs.5000......and as far as distortion pedal is concerned......plz for god sake dont go for zoom ones....either go for digitech or boss.....i recommed Boss ds-1 will the the best for will cost around 3k...
    If its more than ur budget...then go for..Ibanez grg170dx Which will come for 12.5k and Marshall MG10CD which should come for Rs.3000 and can go for the same distortion pedal....i mean the Boss DS-1 ......

    ...Best Of Luck


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