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    Quote Originally Posted by jekyll
    ^ isn taht exactly what happens betweeen Epiphone n Gibson?

    all their models are alike, infact Epiphone is known as poor mans Gibson
    and do you know how they manage to do that? ...
    epis are made by the company samick ... and legend has it that samick have their factories in south east asia ... (ooOOoo) .. while gibbies are made by those fat money eating, lard scrubbing capitalists .. down in nashville (i think or is it montana?) ..
    epis use a 2mm wood veneer to figure their tops .. while gibbies use thick half inch maple slabs .. (ooOOoo) ... both use the basic gibson stock pickups but still these small differences make a huge difference in how different they sound like (talk about my slick use of grammar eh!)

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    montana i think. they moved out of their factory in nashville a very long time ago, koombakaru or some weird name like that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rocking_devil
    hey all,, can any one tell me what exactly is a high and low end guitar?! it something gotta do with the sound?
    high end guitars are usually more expensive ones have excellent quality having body of good quality woods. like the locally made ones givson and ibanez,fender are examples of low and high end guitars.


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