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    An apartment in a dark, dingy, dirty alley at the back of Lahore
    ^^ Dude that site is probably down. Not working here. Suggest some other local site. Thanks for ur help man!

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    Its working fine.
    It is a local Indian site. ships everywhere I think..but the cost of shipping will be 10 times thecost of picks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evo Guy 911
    Thanks DeathDr, but ur a little late. I found the sense of going to Dunlop site this morning. Well u summed up why i need advise on different picks. But therez a major problem here. I live in Lahore, and u cant find any kinda real branded shit in here. All u got is ordinary "Alice" branded picks with the stupidest colour themes imaginable, and crappiest tips known to guitarists. Price? Rs. 50 each!!! For Dunlops, I have to get em imported, and i cannot import 1 single pick from anywhere. They come in dozens, and i dont wana end up with something that was not worth the hassle. So im asking for advice of those who have stuff at hand, and can tell me better. Peace
    Man! The Alice brand comes at Rs15 in Kolkata.
    Kill music piracy. Steal original CDs.

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    What is the Pak rupee/INR exchange rate? I don't think its 1:1

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    listen EVO GUY, for your lead try jim dunlop stubby 3mm, should improve speed and get you creamy picking, not very expensive, got loads of them but you are in lahore and me in bombay. stubbies are these almost transparent blue picks come in various thickness, get what suits u best. as for rhthym, i use the same pick serves me well.....try it


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