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    dps8688 is offline Newbie
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    Jun 2008

    what is d diff between wah pedal nd expression pedal????

    anyone using processors ...,,,pls help .
    digitech rp 200 comes with both while rp 80 comes only with wah pedal ...
    thanks ...

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    thepacifist2013 is offline V.I.P Member
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    May 2008
    No difference. The pedal on a multi-effects system is known as an "expression pedal" because it can be assigned/programmed to control more than 1 effect on the system.
    For eg, you program your multi-effects processor to have a reverb and a wah effect both in the chain. You can assign the expression pedal to the wah-effect, so that it becomes a wah-pedal, or you can assign it to control the reverb, in which case you could call it a "reverb-pedal".

    any multi-effect processor which offers wah as an effect and has an expression pedal can work as a wah-pedal.
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